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in-depth article

Diving into an impact investment portfolio

Triodos Multi Impact Fund

impact investment portfolio

Triodos Investment Management was presented a case from IEX Profs, a platform for professional investors, about setting up an impact portfolio and what types of investments are eligible. Raymond Hiltrop, fund manager for Triodos Multi Impact Fund, dives into this case.


Engaging for impact

Positive change through dialogue and collaboration

The recently published SRI Engagement Report gives a detailed overview of Triodos Research’s engagement activities in 2016. Rosl Veltmeijer, head of Triodos Research discusses company engagement and the highlights from the past year.


Enabling Heineken to become climate neutral

Triodos Renewables Europe Fund, SolarAccess and Heineken join forces to transition from fossil fuels to renewables


Dutch brewer Heineken is aiming to become climate neutral with support from Triodos Renewables Europe Fund and Dutch renewable energy supplier SolarAccess. Read the article and watch the video.


The true value behind MA’s Foods in Sri Lanka

An interview with Mario De Alwis, founder and director of MA's Foods

Mario De Alwis is the founder and director of MA’s Foods in Sri Lanka, connecting the produce from the farmlands to households around the world. He shares his story about his unplanned career as an entrepreneur, the responsibilities as an employer and the true value of his company.