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Upholding the Paris Climate Agreement

Maintaining the momentum amidst uncertainty

Paris Climate Agreement

Amidst political uncertainty, climate change has never been more relevant. On 7 November 2016, the world gathered in Marrakesh for COP22 to work out its concrete implementation. It’s up to us to keep the momentum going and reap the economic benefits.


The urgency for sustainable food production

Investment risks and opportunities

sustainable food production

The risks associated with factory farming have increased and are linked with environmental and healthcare concerns. Producers, consumers, and investors need to understand the risks and examine how food is produced. Triodos Investment Management invests in sustainable food production and in companies that offer alternatives to animal protein.

in-depth article

10 years of financing arts and culture

Spotlight: Triodos Cultuurfonds

At the tenth anniversary of Triodos Cultuurfonds, Fund Manager Eric Holterhues discusses the impact that financing has on the cultural community and the interest from investors. Together, we take a short trip down memory lane to visit two distinct projects in the fund’s portfolio.